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If you are looking for a fan for your business, gym, industrial hall or stable to keep the room(s) cool, Windmakerz is the partner you are looking for. We offer fans of the very best quality, in different (large sizes) and in different ways. So we can always offer a tailor-made solution for our customers. So, do you want an industrial fan? Still in doubt about whether to buy a fan or rent one? Feel free to call us and we will discuss your options.


Windmakerz is (literally) your biggest fan for all these reasons.

Ceiling fans

Large ceiling fans quickly blend into their surroundings and are very quiet.

Wall fan

Large fans that can be mounted against a wall, taking up very little space.

Mobile fan

A professional fan that can be used anywhere, making it the ideal solution against heat.

Pole fan

No wall and no ceiling available? Then a pole fan offers the way to cool your space.


We are WindMakerz

Summers getting hotter, energy increasingly expensive, WindMakerz brings a solution that can be felt immediately. Our diverse range is designed with the aim of achieving the widest possible range in an energy-efficient, silent and quality product.

At home in many branches

Cooling and good ventilation is desired within every industry.
This is why our WindMakerz can be found in many different industries.
For instance, our WindMakerz can already be found in gyms, large warehouses, horse stables and at events.
Because of our wide range of products, we have a suitable model for every destination.

Some of our clients
Questioons? Interested? Are you hot?

Alan & Ian are already on hand to answer your questions and offer you a tailor-made solution.

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